Church Mouse Musician playing the Psaltery

Church Mouse Musician the Psaltery


Taken from the old saying “poor as a church mouse” this wonderful collection of Church Mice makes the most perfect collectable gift. Designed by ourselves at Oakapple Designs then fine detailed and carved by the Sculptor Nick Hunter. In our collection he comes with many guises and wears an outfit or costume for all his adventures behind closed doors within the church.

Product Description

To further complement our range of reproductions taken from original medieval carvings from within the Cathedrals of the UK, we have produced a new range of carvings, this special range of products have been produced from our own designs and carved by our sculptor Nick Hunter. All reproductions are hand cast in a resin composite and stained to produce an incredibly accurate copy of the original with all the fine detail and authenticity of the original.

This set of new carvings is known as the “Poor Church Mice” collection. These highly collectable and desirable ornaments are hand produced exclusively by ourselves here at Oakapple Designs Ltd.

This is one of our newest additions to the set and is called the Church Mouse Musician playing the Psaltery. He’s part of a Medieval Musical Band that play in the Church, they sound great and play on Sundays during choir practice. They play for free and make a living only from small donations kindly given from the congregation. He’s a good mouse with morals and well behaved but, it’s a hard life living in the choir stalls of the Cathedral and he needs all the help he can get. Could you be his saviour and new keeper and give this little mouse the help and love in a new home that he deserves?

Size – Approximately 2.5″ (inches) Tall

Our Exclusive & unique range of items make the most perfect & unusual gift for all occasions and one that shows a true thought in choosing from the sender.
These unique ornaments are part of a highly collectable set, hand crafted to a very high standard, original sculpture by Nick Hunter and reproduced by Oakapple Designs Ltd.


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