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Church Mouse playing The Organ.


Taken from the old saying “poor as a church mouse” this wonderful collection of Church Mice makes the most perfect collectable gift. Designed by ourselves at Oakapple Designs then fine detailed and carved by the Sculptor Nick Hunter. In our collection he comes with many guises and wears an outfit or costume for all his adventures behind closed doors within the church.

Product Description

Church Mouse Playing The Organ.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we are proud to present for your entertainment and for one night only, a big round of applause for the Church Mouse organist.

When the Vicar has finished his service and Mrs Miggins and cleaned the church, the Verger does his checks and when all is well he locks the doors and goes home. Once no one is looking the church mouse comes out to play. Not now content to just dress up and have fun but he has learnt to play the church organ. He sits in his little seat and plays beautiful music for all his fellow mice friends filling the church with music and joy. This little mouse is our very latest to the collection and known as the Church Mouse organist. Hoping for better things in life and a new home, it’s been a hard life living in the choir stalls of the Cathedral and he prays for your help. Could you be his saviour and new keeper?
One of our unique and exclusive designs from our range of hand crafted giftware known as the Poor Church Mouse Collection. Our designs are hand carved by a master carver/sculptor and then we take a mould directly from these from which we then cast and stain to produce these beautiful little mice. Our moulds and production techniques capture and reproduce all the fine detail from the original carvings to produce a very high-quality piece with all the authenticity from the original carving.

Size. Approx. 3 inches tall.