Dragon Corbel - Reproduction Medieval wood carving - Exeter Cathedral

Dragon Corbel – Exeter Cathedral. Grey Stone Finish.


Taken from the beautiful and ornate carvings that can be found upon the misericords within the choir stalls of Exeter Cathedral. This hand crafted reproduction has been produced from a mould taken directly from the original medieval carving and which captures all the fine detail applied by the master craftsmen that carved this in the middle ages, representing a true piece of English history and heritage.

Product Description

Dragon Corbel. Exeter Cathedral. Grey Stone Finish.

This is one of our unique and exclusive designs from our collection of hand crafted reproduction carvings which are taken directly from an original medieval Cathedral carving. We pride ourselves at Oakapple Designs as having permission to take moulds directly from the medieval carvings found upon the misericords and choir stalls from within the Cathedrals and Churches in the UK. Our moulds and production techniques capture and reproduce all the fine detail from the original carvings to produce a very high-quality piece with all the authenticity from the original carving.

Taken from the medieval carvings found upon the misericords and supporters within the choir stalls of Exeter Cathedral. This carving is of a Dragon’s head, a small but interesting little corbel designed to be wall mounted. Like many depictions of Dragons of this period the craftsmen that carved this piece has given the Dragon a friendly and approachable beast and not one to be feared. This reproduction carving stands proud when hung upon a wall and makes a most attractive and interesting focal point. Comes with a fixing hook so can be wall mounted and product label.

Produced here in a grey stone finish made from a special blended composite of resin and stone powders with white flecking.

Size (H) 9cm x (W) 5.cm.


This is great opportunity to purchase a true piece of England’s Rich Cultural History.

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