Pelican - Victorian Cathedral Misericord Carving - Winchester



Taken from the beautiful carvings found upon the misericords within the choir stalls of Winchester Cathedral. This hand crafted reproduction has been produced from a mould taken directly from the original carving. This Pelican was carved in the Victorian era when restoration work was carried out in the Cathedral to replace damaged misericord carvings. A true piece of England’s history and heritage.

Product Description


Taken from the Medieval C.1300 carvings found upon the Misericords and supports within the choir stalls of Winchester Cathedral. These carvings are of significant importance as they are virtually the oldest surviving Misericord carvings in England and therefore give a true insight and glance of the cultural values and life of early 14 th Century England. However this portrait of the Pelican is a new addition to the Misericords and choir stalls being re-carved in the Victorian era to replace a badly damaged carving. This is still a beautiful carving depicting a pelican with wonderful detail and accuracy in a more modern style and stance. This reproduction is taken from the original carving and has captured all the fine detail that was applied by the master craftsmen that created this great work of wood sculpture. Designed to be wall mounted this reproduction artefact makes a most interesting and inspiring focal point when on display, comes with a hanging fixture and product label.

Size (H) 12cm x (W) 12cm.

Is one of our unique and exclusive hand crafted Victorian reproduction carvings. This is a cast replica produced from a mould taken directly from the original carving found within Winchester Cathedral, England. We are the only company in the UK to take moulds from original medieval & Victorian carvings from within the Cathedrals of England and to then reproduce them for sale. These reproductions are cast from a resin composite and then stained to give the product all the fine detail, feel and authenticity of the original carving.

v This is great opportunity to purchase a true piece of England’s Rich cultural History.


v Our reproductions are so authentic, copied directly from the original carvings they include all the original cracks & chips from over centuries of use along with wood worm, wood grain and the makers tool marks. Beautifully colour stained and toned they are virtually indistinguishable from the originals.


v Our Exclusive & unique range of items make the most perfect & unusual gift for all occasions and one that shows a true thought in choosing from the sender.



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