King Edward IV

Queen Mary & Philip of Spain – Obverse in Red – Great Seal.


These seals are from a private collection put together many decades ago by an English gentleman, scholar and avid collector of great royal seals. Lost and forgot about for many years they have only just recently been found and reproduced making them available for the collector again.

Product Description

Queen Mary, (Bloody Mary).

Great Seal – Obverse – Red.

This is the great seal of Philip of Spain and Queen Mary of England.

Mary was the daughter of Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon. She came to the throne upon the death of Edward VI. She married Philip of Spain and they ruled together. A devout Catholic she set about returning England back to being Catholic from the new Protestant nation it had become, this was done with fierce severity and many Bishops were put to death under her orders. This created great upheaval and divided the nation and plunged England in to a blood bath. She will be remembered as Bloody Mary for her actions.

This reproduction is the obverse side and has been taken from a copy that would have been produced directly from an original impression in wax. Preserved for hundreds of years this copy shows the fine detail of the original and makes the perfect addition for any collection.
Each monarch of England would have had their own unique great royal seal. These seals were affixed to documentation to show and prove their authentication and validate that they are genuine in the absence of the monarch themselves. Originally these would have been made from wax and held together a document or scroll by a cord passing through the wax seal.

Our reproductions capture all the fine detail of the original wax casting and are moulded and then hand cast in a resin composite to produce a very accurate and high quality reproduction.

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• This is a great opportunity to purchase a true piece of England’s Rich cultural History.

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Approximately 14 cm in diameter and comes with D-Ring to wall mount