Exeter Elephant Misericord Carving Medieval Cathedral Heritage Gift

The Exeter Elephant


Taken from the beautiful and ornate carvings that can be found upon the misericords within the choir stalls of Exeter Cathedral. This hand crafted reproduction has been produced from a mould taken directly from the original medieval carving and which captures all the fine detail applied by the master craftsmen that carved this in the middle ages, representing a true piece of English history and heritage.

Product Description

Exeter Elephant.

This carving is without doubt the most interesting and well-known carving from Exeter Cathedral. Taken directly from the original carving this is the entire full Misericord ornamentation. Looking closely one can see that the Elephant has been carved accurately except for the feet, which seem to belong to another animal. The story behind this is that the Elephant was a gift to the King of England from the King of France as a sort of peace offering. The Elephant was then kept at the Tower of London, which attracted many curious spectators, as ordinary people would have never seen before an Elephant in the medieval period. Someone was sent to draw and sketch this animal so that the wood carvers at the Cathedral could copy it. Because the Elephant had such an audience the Artist could not see the feet, so he simply interpreted them in his own way. The craftsmen then copied these artistic interpretations into the carving without any knowledge of them being grossly out of context. The carving remained for centuries without the ordinary person noticing this mistake. This reproduction has captured all the fine detail of the original to produce the most impressive piece of ornamentation for the home and a true piece of English history and heritage. Designed to be wall mounted, comes with hanging hooks and product label.

Size (H) 16cm x (W) 26cm.

Is one of our unique and exclusive hand crafted Medieval reproduction carvings. This is a cast replica produced from a mould taken directly from the original carving found within Exeter Cathedral, England. Oakapple Designs Ltd are the only company in the UK with permission to take moulds from original medieval carvings from within the Cathedrals of Britain and to then reproduce them for sale. These reproductions are cast from a resin composite and then stained to give the product all the fine detail, feel and authenticity of the original carving.

v This is great opportunity to purchase a true piece of England’s Rich cultural History.


v Our reproductions are so authentic, copied directly from the original carvings they include all the original cracks & chips from over centuries of use along with wood worm, wood grain and the makers tool marks. Beautifully colour stained and toned they are virtually indistinguishable from the originals.


v Our Exclusive & unique range of items make the most perfect & unusual gift for all occasions and one that shows a true thought in choosing from the sender.


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